Latest updates and feature additions

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.



    • Added tbd
    • Improved tbd
    • Fixed #xx: tbd



    • Fixed #61: Ignore mapcycle.txt file in case of using dynamic mapcycle feature
    • Fixed #86: Problem with big and small cycle



    • Added feature for delaying votes after failed vote
    • Added messages for cyclemap and kick votes
    • Added alias !kiss for command !clear to clear all player warnings
    • Added command !setgravity to set the gravity value
    • Added alias !lowgravity on/off for command !moon on/off
    • Added alias !sp for command !spec to move yourself to spectator
    • Added command !mapcycle to list the map rotation
    • Added welcome message for first connection
    • Added option to enable/disable resetting of HS and kill spree stats on map rotation
    • Added command !ping <name> to display the ping of a player
    • Show First Teamkill message
    • Show losing streak and extend !spree command
    • Show message if no maps have been played when using command !lastmaps
    • Show message that you cannot ban/kick yourself
    • Sync mapcycle file when using command !rebuild
    • Removed Heartbeat option and online version check from code
    • Improved output for successful nextmap vote
    • Improved auto-kick warn message for team killing
    • Imported latest GeoIP database (January 2020)
    • Fixed #60: Fix broken message output for Spawn Killing
    • Fixed #64: Handling of bots
    • Fixed #65: Nextmap does not show correct value
    • Fixed #69: move spawn kill timer into config file
    • Various minor bug fixes



    • Added command !banall <pattern> to ban all players matching pattern
    • Added command !rebuild to sync up all available maps
    • Added option to kill spawnkillers instantly
    • Added support for Urban Terror 4.3.4
    • Command !maps is showing the total number of available maps
    • Exclude bots from autokick for team kills to avoid unbalanced teams
    • Exclude bots from autokick of low score players to avoid unbalanced teams
    • Exclude bots from autokick for spawn killing to avoid unbalanced teams
    • Updated schedule library
    • Improved some feedback messages
    • Fixed #55: Make bots immune from spawnkill autokick
    • Fixed #56: Command !maps does not show all maps
    • Fixed #57: Fix year 2038 problem on 32-bit systems
    • Fixed version check, issued by string compare
    • Various minor bug fixes



    • Added option to kick players for using bad words
    • Added option to display multi-kill messages
    • Added option "free" to release lock from forced team
    • Added option to define ban duration for command !ban
    • Added command !grudge [<name>] to grudge a player for team killing
    • Added command !gear to set allowed weapons
    • Added command !forgiveclear <name> to clear player team kills
    • Added command !forgiveinfo <name> to display a players team kills
    • Added command !forgivelist to list players who killed you
    • Added command !forgive [<name>] to forgive team kills
    • Added command !regulars to display regular players online
    • Added command !unreg <name> to remove player from regular group
    • Added commands to change the gametype
    • Added support for old map names
    • Added support for latest Urban Terror 4.3.3 release
    • Added support for ioquake3 binary
    • Added support for macOS 10.13 and Ubuntu 18.04
    • Added reason 'score' to reason dictionary
    • Added "Top Objectives" awards for CTF and Bomb mode
    • Do not show forgive notice for grudged players
    • Clear team kills for command !warnclear and !clear
    • Clear warnings if already expired
    • Command !warninfo shows now all active warnings
    • Command !swap moves admin using command if playerB is not given
    • Command !tempban supports now up 1 sec to 3 days periods
    • Show msg "Planted?" when bomb explodes
    • Introduced detonation time for bomb mode
    • Imported latest GeoIP database (April 2018)
    • Unified warn system: warnings + team kills are now combined
    • Converted loopback/localhost to
    • Fixed #50: Improve parsing rotation messages file
    • Fixed #49: Ban directly for 15 mins
    • Fixed #48: Extend max tempban duration to 3 days
    • Fixed #47: Show last maps only for nextmap/map votes
    • Fixed #46: Add commands to change the gametype
    • Fixed #15: Add command !grudge [<name>] to grudge a player for team killing
    • Various minor bug fixes



    • added Monster Kill counter
    • added group Super Admins (level 90) with same rights as Head admins
    • added option to kill all opponents when bomb exploded or is defused
    • added option to autokick spawn killers
    • added option to limit successful nextmap votes
    • added option to enable/disable sending heartbeat
    • added option to display rule as chat/bigtext/server message
    • added UrT bot support with commands !bots on/off and !addbots
    • added support for @bigtext MESSAGE in rotation messages
    • added command !lastmaps to list the last played maps
    • added command !kickall to kick players matching pattern
    • added command !restart to perform a restart of the map
    • added command !status to report the status of the bot
    • added command !id to show IP, guid and auth of player
    • added command !tell to tell a msg to a specific player
    • added command !afk to force an afk player to spec
    • added command !spec to move yourself to spectator
    • added command !exit to display last disconnected player
    • added command !kickbots to kick all bots
    • added command option @locate
    • added shortcut !lc for command !locate
    • added public welcome message
    • added help for each command, e.g. !help tempban
    • added handler for callvote and vote_passed
    • added systemd service and sysVinit file
    • added support for Debian 9 Stretch and Ubuntu 16.10
    • show team mates that bomb was tossed or collected
    • show number of players in each team when using command !teams
    • show number of kills when killspree is ended
    • show bomb planted/defused server message
    • show survivor winning team server message
    • show ban reason when banned player tries to connect
    • show nextmap at map begin in dynamic cycle
    • show authname in welcome message
    • improved displaying country for bots or in local LAN
    • improved message "bomb has been planted"
    • reset warn-timer when clearing all warnings
    • extended reason dictionary with sk, wh, insult, autojoin, 999
    • allowed configuration of RCON_DELAY
    • allowed port 1024 again (many latin players use it)
    • imported latest GeoIP database
    • fixed issue #43: added command !exit to display last disconnected player
    • fixed issue #42: added support for @bigtext MESSAGE in rotation messages
    • fixed issue #41: added bot support
    • fixed issue #40: added support for command !instagib on/off
    • fixed issue #39: added support for DB ID and authname for command !xlrstats
    • fixed issue #37: added group Super Admins (level 90)
    • fixed issue #32: limit length of name to 20 characters
    • various minor bug fixes



    • added support of bot commands in rotating messages: @admins, @nextmap and @time
    • added command !rain on/off to enable/disable raindrops in maps
    • added command !exec to execute the given scriptfile
    • added command !reload to reload the map
    • added command !password [password] to set or remove a private server password
    • added support to find players by their auth-name
    • added additional debug logging and display server CVARs
    • reworked Rules/Rotation Messages class
    • reworked RCON class
    • improved debug messages
    • imported latest GeoIP database
    • fixed issue #33: avoid output of duplicate messages
    • fixed issue #34: catch python exception
    • fixed debug output of gamelog path
    • various minor bug fixes



    • added full support for Urban Terror release 4.3
    • added cmd !locate to display geolocation info of a player
    • added first knife kill message
    • added more warning reasons
    • improved some feedback messages
    • imported latest GeoIP database
    • various minor bug fixes



    • fixed #31: previous bugfix leads to regression



    • added option to display headshot hit series
    • added option to display nade kill series
    • added option to display knife kill series
    • added cmd !knife to display number of knife kills
    • added most knife kills to Awards output
    • added output of message 'added to group'
    • added output of capture count as server msg in CTF mode
    • added PyPi support
    • consolidated warnings in one list
    • improved error message for missing games.log file
    • imported latest GeoIP database
    • performance improvements
    • fixed #31: tell command suppports all player numbers
    • fixed chat message issue with single "!" content
    • fixed possible loop if games.log file is empty
    • fixed missing reason in database for cmd !tb
    • fixed missing text color setup
    • various minor bug fixes



    • added option to autokick players with low score
    • added dynamic mapcycle support
    • added support to get flag capture time
    • added fastest cap info to command !ctfstats
    • added CTF statistics to Awards output
    • added command !makereg to make player a regular user
    • added command !poke to notify a player that he needs to move
    • added command !swapteams to swap the teams
    • added command !hits to display hit stats
    • added command !lastbans to display the last 4 bans
    • added support to get the register date of a player
    • added support of TDM and FTL gametype
    • added support of Gun Game gametype introduced in Urban Terror 4.3
    • added acronym 'reg' for regular players
    • improved output of command !regtest, !leveltest and !country
    • improved output of Award 'Most HE kills'
    • improved output of !xlrtopstats by using filtering for active players
    • improved check for spectators on full server
    • hide commands which are not available in the current gametype
    • Senior Admins or higher levels do not need to enter reason when using the command !ban
    • imported latest GeoIP database
    • performance enhancements
    • code improvements
    • fixed issue #26: Text wrapping
    • fixed issue #27: Stats reset
    • fixed issue #28: Add dynamic mapcycle support
    • fixed issue #29: Supporting mapcycle file with newlines
    • fixed issue with empty lines in mapcycle.txt file
    • fixed issue with missing maps
    • fixed possible issue if mapname cannot be read out
    • fixed issue with output of the register date
    • fixed output of command !leveltest for guests
    • various minor bug fixes



    • added support for console tell command
    • added command !hestats to display HE grenade kills
    • added most HE kills to the awards
    • added option to display a message when the bomb has been planted
    • added the warn/kick/ban reasons 'whiner' and 'name' (for offensive names)
    • added command !regtest to display current user status
    • added command !admintest to display current admin status
    • added command !warntest to test a warning
    • added command !warns to display the list of warnings
    • added command !!<text> (equal to !say command)
    • added command !find to display the slot number of a player
    • improved the output of the player found method
    • improved response of !nextmap command
    • imported latest GeoIP database
    • fixed issue #25: Remove autobalancer after team swap
    • fixed issue #24: Hardening get_cvar, add exception handling
    • fixed issue #13: Add support of console tell command
    • various minor bug fixes



    • added command !xlrtopstats to display the top players
    • added command !warnremove to remove a users last warning
    • reworked reset of player statistics
    • imported latest GeoIP database
    • fixed issue #23: command !nextmap not working properly
    • fixed issue #22: empty rules file leads to high load
    • fixed issue #20: player stats reset on team change
    • fixed issue #17: added option to remove a users last warning
    • various minor bug fixes



    • added option to display hit stats during respawn
    • added option to display "first blood" and "first HE grenade kill" message
    • added command !warninfo to display how many warnings the player has
    • added additional statistic command !ctfstats for Capture the Flag
    • added additional statistic command !freezestats for Freeze Tag
    • implemented default values for each configuration parameter
    • implemented logging mechanism
    • for command !warn entering of reason is now optional
    • command !mapstats shows depending on game type additional statistics
    • better support of Freeze Tag game type
    • maximum amount of command !slap increased to 15
    • Debian initscript supports multiple instances and PID file
    • imported latest GeoIP database
    • performance improvements
    • minor code improvements
    • fix issue #19: support names with whitespace
    • fix issue #16: clear warnings for all or specific player
    • fix issue #14: reset of player statistics when round ends
    • various minor bug fixes



    • added support for new game type "Freeze Tag"
    • added support to lock a player to a team with the command !force
    • limit usage of command !warn with a 15 seconds delay
    • improved output of command !banlist (sorted by timestamp)
    • output of command !maps can be shown in public and private chat
    • imported latest GeoIP database
    • code improvements
    • fix for command !seen for unregistered users
    • command !bombstats is only available in bomb mode



    • added command !lookup to search for offline players
    • added command !seen to display when player was last seen
    • added support for server kick reason message
    • added command !baninfo to display active bans of player
    • implemented autobalancer feature
    • added option to allow cmd !teams only at end of round
    • added bomb mode to team balance at end of round
    • added command !bombstats
    • added bomb stats to awards stats
    • senioradmins or higher do not need to give kick reason
    • length of kick/ban reason limited to 40 character
    • command !tempban supports duration of 1min to 24hrs
    • output 'connected from..' can be enabled/disabled
    • performance improvements
    • various minor bug fixes



    • in Team Survivor team balance will be performed at end of the round
    • improved output of command !alias
    • imported latest GeoIP database
    • minor code improvements
    • bugfix for issue in suicide counter
For older releases, please check the Release Notes at GitHub.



    • Initial Release